1. Linux type operating systems, Unix type operating systems history. Linux and Windows comparsion.
  2. Linux operating systems distributions and differences. Suse, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian etc…
  3. LiveCD/USB load
    Ubuntu installation, minimal system requirements, root, swap, user partitions and creation of file systems on hard drive. Installation configuration, package selection and other procedures.
  4. Ubuntu desktop overview and configuration. Vital effects and themes, file management, text editor.
  5. Libra Office and its components:  Calc, Impress, Writer overview and comparison with  Microsoft analogues.
  6. Midtest 1
  7. Installation of programs, package manager, software update.
  8. Linux networking, network configuration overview and management.
  9. External devices in Ubuntu linux (printers, scanners, camera etc..)
    Display Adapter drivers and other proprietary modules.
  10. Users in linux, permissions, groups and essential administration.
  11. Midtest 2 
  12. Command Line Terminal – Essential commands, copy, paste, move, list and etc..
  13. Server functions overview, FTP server installation and configuration
  14. Apache web server SQL  database server overview and installation.  Remote access Telnet, SSH protocols.
  15. Shell programming essentials, Introduction to Bash programming.
  16. Final Test

Every Section of this course includes additional hour of practical implementation of material